I explored several wikis off of the list and these are the ones I chose to report on. As I explore them I took notes on what I liked, disliked, or would change.

Go West
  • Graphic organizer is nice and shows the central purpose of the Wiki
  • Has math problems to go with Oregon Trail but the slideshow didn’t appear in order to see them
  • Uploaded pictures that students made was a personal touch and is impressive tech wise
  • Organized by topic on navigation bar is very helpful and you can see who participated in what
  • Resources page isn’t organized that well. I'd like to see it organized by what information they found there

Go West

Thousands Project
  • Interesting idea but somewhat disorganized because of the massive amount of entires
  • Good way to teach about collaboration around the world and how technology can connect us with so many people
  • I would change the layout a little more. It seems a bit dry because all it is a question and then 1-1000. There’s really no visual appeal
  • I would be interested to read more about how they come up with questions and what the students are getting out of this. Perhaps I needed to explore more to find that out.

1000 places

  • The home page really provides no information, it’s just a bunch of websites
  • Once you start navigating through the Wiki is when you find the information
  • I like that they have a section that focuses on online safety
  • I’m somewhat confused on the objective of this Wiki. I would suggest adding an objective to the homepage where it flat out says the purpose of the wiki
  • There are tons of subpages so I feel like I have a ton to explore which is good and bad

Code Blue

I am very intrigued in using a Wiki in my classroom. I teach 2nd grade in a rural town and I think a wiki would be a great form of communication to families and students. With new tests coming to the computer, I'm starting to focus on helping my students learn early how to navigate the computer and a Wiki would be a great place to start. My idea is that I would use it as a classroom website where I could list newsletters, assignments, and share student stories. I'd love to have page that students are in charge of where they tell their parents what they're learning in class, what they'll need help with at home, etc. The hope would be that the students would improve their typing skills, navigating the internet, and also get creative! I'm excited about what this could do for my students and my classroom!