Dirtopia is the first wiki I decided to look at. I enjoy off roading so this was an easy choice for me. Initially the site has the same design and layout as Wikipedia so navigation was easy and comfortable. "Dirtopia is a free encyclopedia of off-road trails and destinations that anyone can edit. Our goal is to document every single off-road trail in the United States. We're off to a good start, but we need your help." The description from the site tells the whole story of the site. While I see that statement as a grand ambition, I think this type of documentation of off road trails is truly needed. Trails that are open for off road driving are becoming less and less so any tool that helps find areas where it is allowed is a great tool. Some problems I found is that the links they have, for Tillamook State Forest Oregon especially, are linked to pages that no longer exist and have not been updated. As a user managed wiki that is something that you always may run into as links to 3rd party sites often change. To counteract that in this classroom it would be best to verify all links that you want to use worked properly prior to starting your lesson. This would make it less likely that you would run into a broken link while demonstrating the site.

MuseumMobile Wiki Was the next wiki I explored. This wiki is much different from Dirtopia, as it looks like a very structured webpage with lots of links on the left side of the page. To me this site is very bland and is difficult to stay focused upon to gain any real knowledge from the information presented. As a person with Attention Deficit Disorder, I am challenged to be able to focus on a website that is not formatted in a user friendly way and this site is definitely that. While it looks to have a lot of good and solid information I find myself getting lost navigating the left ribbon, that has a lot of links to different parts of the site, and the navigation bar at the top of the page. Using the left ribbon as a nested list format really makes it difficult to see what is under a sub heading and what is standalone. If the headings in the ribbon where dynamic and allowed you to hide the items under each one when not viewing them, that would make the wiki much more user friendly. As for usability of this site for a classroom demonstration, I would most certainly avoid it as students may also get just as lost in it as I did.

Lord of Survival is a wiki from a 9th grade English class that turned the study of the book, "Lord of the Flies," into a cooperative learning experience where students work together to survive while stranded of an island. As this book in one of my favorites I was absolutely interested to see how this wiki was set up and what they had accomplished. The front page of the wiki gives the guidelines of the project and all necessary instructions for the student. The fun begins once you start reading into each island which are listed on the right of the page in a navigation area. After looking into the interaction of the students on Island 1 I noticed they needed to pick jobs based on their survival assessment score. Wanting to know where that number came from I went to Survival Test which is the site they used in the project. My score was a 62, which most likely would have made me a leader in the project. I really enjoyed this wiki and feel that this is a great demonstration of using a new form of collaboration to teach students teamwork while helping them understand a classic novel at the same time. I also like the hidden learning that the teacher did when he made the students cite their sources they used during the project. This has become a very big issue in today's learning environment and to often images and words are used by students who forget that most of the work they find on the Internet is copyrighted material.

I believe wiki use in the classroom could be used as a great tool for collaboration, as they did in Lord of Survival, or as a way of setting up an online class or training as is done now, with Moodle and Blackboard, in the college setting. As the wiki develops further I can see many people finding new and more interesting ways to use them as a teaching tool or to enhance lesson plans.