Since I am licensed to teach the elementary grades, I wanted to look and focus my efforts on wikis that were for those grade levels.

Go West: The first wiki that I looked at was the wiki about the Westward Expansion, written by third graders. I thought this wiki was very well organized. The subcategories are easy to determine and find for anyone visiting the wiki. The topic is well covered with the extensive amount of information provided by the third graders. I enjoyed viewing the pictures the students found on the Internet, but really liked how they added pictures they had drawn or created themselves. From the end outcome of the wiki, it can be seen that the students learned more than just facts about the Oregon Trail, but how to create a long term project, work together, and use the Internet tools to further enhance their learning.

Schools in the Past: The second wiki that I decided to look at was about how schools have changed from the first graders then and their parents. I really liked the idea of using a wiki for this project to help get parent involvement. The topics are organized but I think within the topics could have been a little more organized. Putting the different topics on separated pages could have helped with the organization. I would have also added charts or graphs to make the information easier to read and visualize. The wiki was very simplistic and a lot more could have been done to make this project amazing.

Kindergarten Counting Book: The other wiki I checked out was for a kindergarten class counting to 100. I liked that the students are the ones that provide the pictures for a number and that if they wanted to, they could work together in a group. I thought it was really cool that majority of the pictures are of something they can find in the classroom. I believe this project the students were able to count to 100 and have fun with it. I would have organized it a little better so that all 100 numbers are not on one page. I might have organized it by 10's or 5's. I would have also asked the student to put the all the numbered items in rows and columns so they can easily counted.

After looking at the different uses of wiki, I think using a wiki for my students could be beneficial. I have first grade reading/phonics intervention groups and I am always trying to find new and engaging ways to help teach my students. I work a lot with letter blends and sounds that I think by having the students take pictures of various items they find that have those letter blends could create a fun learning environment for them that they will remember what they learned at a different and higher level.