I tried to keep my exploration focused on wikis that were for the elementary grades since that is my area of licensure. I thought that most of them made a good attempt at using wikis to share information they were learning about and had researched.

Kinder Counting Book – It was nice that the “book” was very visual. However, the numbers were not complete and some of the pictures were dark and hard to see. Using real photos was a nice touch and I am assuming this was a compilation of photos taken by the students/families to include on the site. It would have been nice to see the number in each of the photos. I have not come across a site done by a kindergarten class previously so it was nice to see that there are primary classrooms using technology.

Go West - I really liked that the site was very visual. There were many contributors to the site and some original art was included as well. I got a sense of investment in the project from this wiki. There was a clear objective on the home page, which made the purpose of the wiki clear. There are a few missing links on the site and I got the impression this site was for one project that was time intensive and may have happened some time ago. The teachers mentioned in their reflection that a few tools were used to create the data included on the site.

Thousands Project – This was a great idea to pose a question and see the responses. It takes little effort but would be a great conversation piece to visit during class time. I like that there was a visitor map so you could see where people are from. There was also a nice introduction on the home page. It would be neat to see a class from another country collaborate with this class on getting responses and learning about cultural differences too. The instructions on each question page are lengthy so it would be nice to see those condensed.

Code Blue – This wiki has not been updated for a while. I like that online web safety was clearly posted on the site and that it has a lot of resource links. I also like that there are some hyperlinks included so you can get to an area of topic without having to go back to the home page. However, the resource links have no summaries (One sentence would be plenty.) and there is no introduction on the home page of the wiki. I can figure out what the site is for but it would be nice to have a quick introduction for the purpose of the site.

I would use wikis for collaboration as a group and/or class. I like the idea of having a class work on a project and the students having the ability to edit the site. Wikis are a great way for a teacher to check for student contribution as well. After seeing a wiki used for posting questions to be answered I thought it would be nice to partner with a class from elsewhere and exchange information through a wiki.