Is there a wiki in my future?

Well to tell the truth probably not unless I am required to for a class. I looked at most of the links that where provided and to tell the truth they all seam a bit muddled to me. I am a big supporter of high end graphics in all endeavors. Web pages should be well laid out with clear objectives , structure and navigation. With out the basic foundation of good design web pages just loose my interest to fast.

I decided for my first reference to use I choose this one because of the simplicity of the wiki. The wiki looks plain but easy to understand. There are a few draw backs that I can see with this wiki:
  1. Navigation is not consistent on all pages. The wonderfully simple links turn in to a nightmare of a site map when you hit the actual information pages and not just link pages.
  2. Information is not metered out at a even rate with sub categories for further detail. Instead they make you dig down through all the choices and then hit you with a mass all at once. This is unnecessary, a good design would have been to allow the user to gather information along the path. For example: the Global Issues/Terrorism and Safety page could have allowed the user to learn some global terrorism issues or facts along with the provided sub directories of the regions.

The second Choice for this writing is and to tell the truth I'm not sure why I chose this one other than it has no purpose as far as I can see. A survival game should require you actually go out in to the wild and survive. I do not understand a game about it. I guess I put it in the same category as first person shooter games, a waist of time and a way for people that do not know anything about guns or war to think they do. Sorry my wife and I are both former military and where raised with all types of fire arms, so I know how most of the shoot and how to react when they are being aimed at me. Those games do not impart any of the skills needed to survive the situation. And now we are back to the survival game, they do not impart the skills and most that play are just writing about how to win the game not actually survive.

OK for the third of my examples lets try I actually do not have a lot of problems with this one.
  • simple consistent navigation
  • interactive map
  • make use of simple logo
  • They forgot to set up the forum page so the nave fails when you get there.
  • The trail descriptions are apparently being left up to the riders, and the descriptions are lacking or not there in some cases.

In short the creators of this wiki are intending on the wiki being used by people that ride and will hopefully add to it. If they get the popularity of the site up then they have a good chance with the basic design. But this is all dependent on individual use and that often is the death of a wiki like this one.

So to answer the question posed above, most likely no. I still thinking a good old fashioned web site with a forums page that you use to gather additional information and references to glean content from is better.